STRATEGY We understand the fundamental drivers of your business, and the business of your customers, partners, and competitors. This is critical for being able to make wise decisions in the pursuit of long-term value. Our core function is to assess opportunities for their potential to create long-term value, determine the paths available to you to pursue it, and understand the trade-offs and risks of one path vs. another.

SALES Whether you're selling a product, a service or the idea of a partnership, our role has some element of sales in it. The process of navigating through your organization, identifying potential partners on the market, decision-makers is our business.

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT We have an expansive network to support you and facilitate a deal, but also a deep understanding of how to build and maintain new relationships to leverage them when needed. Relationships with partners, customers, colleagues, and even the media, can all be crucial factors in not only getting in the door to a business development opportunity but keeping it open.